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GPS (Global Positioning System) has been installed in all 31 Accident Relief Trains (140T Crane - 06, ‘B’ Class ART - 05, ARMV - 06, SPARMV - 05, Road ART - 07 and Tool Van - 02) on Central Railway. Accident Relief trains can be tracked on Website and on Mobile App by Railway Officials. Main feature of GPS is that by use of which the real time status as well as real time movement can be monitored remotely. This system can also provide the speed of Accident Relief Train with which it is moving. Same is appreciated by users.

Principle of working of GPS System
  • 1. GPS - Global Positioning System
  • 2. GSM - Global System For Mobile Communications
  • 3. GPRS - General Packet Radio Services
  • 4. GPS Position - (Latitude, Longitude & Timestamp)

Technical Specifications

  • 1. Quad band GSM/GPRS Modem : 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • 2. Internal GPS & GSM Antenna
  • 3. 16 MB Internal Memory Storage to store 12,000-16,000 GPS Location Data records
  • 4. Location Accuracy ±10 Meters
  • 5. 800 MAh Li-Ion Internal Battery to work up to 6 hours when external power disconnected
  • 6. Inbuilt G-Sensor to detect the motion
  • 7. Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA) to upgrade the device software remotely
  • 8. Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) Approved IP67

Salient Features

  • Real time monitoring on Google map and Mobile App
  • Battery backup upto 6 Hrs on self Battery
  • Reports downloading in Multiple formats i.e, PDF, MS Word and Excel
  • History reports will be available on system upto 1 year
  • Multiple logins to restrict Access of the vehicles with respective User/User Group
  • Notifications/Alerts on Mobile App & email –
    • Geo fencing
    • Power Disconnect
    • Over Speed
    • Ignition ON/OFF alert for Road ARTs


    Map Features
  • Live Tracking
  • History Replay
  • Over-speed
  • Reports
  • Over-speed Report
  • Distance Report
  • Stoppage Report (For Road ART)
  • Trip Report (For Road ART)

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